A real city scanner from Half-Life 2 flying objects

We’ve already seen many drones redesigned into various flying objects, including even the Millennium Falcon. However, all of them for the most part lack authenticity, after all, a quadcopter is not a starship for you.

But this craft resembles the original almost one hundred percent, because its author recreated it using a drone … a drone from Half Life.

These little flying eyes were found in the game at every turn, and you will not confuse them with anything else, and this drone not only looks one to one, but also equipped with a flashlight, flies just like in the game and wiggles its … what’s moving there.

By the way, its creator Valplushka is our compatriot, which is not only pleasant for our viewer, but also allows the author to shoot his creation in authentic scenery, so it seems that this is a real live action in the universe.

In general, be careful – what if the Combine invasion is just around the corner?

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