A release trailer for Devil May Cry

Ubisoft published the video guide the upcoming shooter Far Cry 3, where, this time, we will talk about the arsenal of skills and combat tactics.
Producer of the game, Dan Hay, also showed quite popular today element – the variability of passing the mission.
For example, you will be able to quietly infiltrate the base and eliminate the target, either as a battering ram to enter the gates and undermine the entire outpost, and the most interesting – to incite the opponents of the wild beasts. Of course this is not all the way, because the developers do not want to disclose all the cards before the release of the project.
As for the weapons of the protagonist, the Arsenal players will have quite extensive – from pistols and bows to the remote bombs and modern rifles. And despite the fact that they can use as you wish. It all depends on your imagination.
Far Cry 3 release is expected on November 29 th for the European countries, and on 4 December for the United States.

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