Aion 2.0 in September

Yesterday, May 13, an important day was celebrated for many loyal fans of the Minecraft game – on this day, three years ago, a then unknown programmer from Sweden under the nickname Notch published the first demo video (at the bottom of the page) from his simple game about caves. At that time, the project looked completely primitive – all that was available was blocks of grass and stone, there could be no question of any biozones and in-game computers. It was an amazing development process, when the name Minecraft appeared, the first monsters and new blocks began to be introduced, as the game attracted the attention of players and began to be actively supported by fans.
Not so long ago, the number of registered Minecraft users exceeded 28 million, and the number of buyers is getting closer and closer to the 6 million mark. The mobile version of Minecraft also received success and its sales exceeded 1 million, and the only released Xbox 360 version also became an overwhelming success – with the number of sales in the first day exceeding 400 thousand. In the meantime, the game continues to evolve, developers are constantly introducing new features, including such important things as Mod API, NPC merchants and much more.
Happy birthday Minecraft.
The second video is what you can achieve with mods in Minecraft today.

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