CollegeHumor: المشي ومدمني المخدرات - هل هناك فرق

What happens if Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, the protagonists of the already cult drama Breaking Bad, have to finish cooking the meta, because everyone around them has become brainless zombies, just like in another AMC project, which is playing on the nerves of the audience. dead “? Why would they call Saul? Who will Hank be hunting for? Will murder become an everyday part of the world that drugs are for him now? And which literality will become closer to you: dullness from chemicals or loss of mind under the influence of a virus?
After watching the video located under this text, you can come up with ten times more questions, the answers to which each will have their own, but the very idea of ​​combining two popular universes into one 2-minute material of their interaction undoubtedly looks original, interesting and relevant, because how avid fans and ordinary web users alike have never shied away from such creativity, which I also advise End Art From LA users not to do.

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