Is aquatic esports a sport? Apparently the answer to this question seems to become “YES!”

aquatic esports esporte

PREFACE: Good news for Georgia State University’s players The school has just announced plans to introduce esports on campus. The Peach Belt Conference is the first NCAA conference to sponsor a sports tournament, and other conferences, including the Horizon League, have already followed suit. After launching the eSports program last fall, the university will become … Read more

The ultimate guide to the biggest esports games


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How to Manage Your Own ESL Tournament


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How to Earn ESL ESPORTS Points

According to Esports Earnings, an e-commerce site tracking most major tournaments and competitions around the world, Dota 2, an online game that has long been in existence for several years now, has amassed a massive prize money of over $177 million. Of course, this huge sum is not everything. In fact, it pales in comparison … Read more

Challenges That Organizations Facing in esports tournaments

With the phenomenal success of its popularity and now that it has spread to South-East Asia, esport has a booming business in China. One of the fastest growing spectator sports in China, esport consists of numerous games such as soccer, basketball, baseball, handball, cricket, motor-bike racing, rugby, and hockey. T he majority of the professional … Read more

How to Buy esports Stocks in ETFs – An Insider’s Guide to Buying In

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