Cull league of legends Interview Continental (2017)

n 2016, the Russian team Albus Nox Luna made it to the quarterfinals of the League of Legends World Championship. No one expected this from her – teams from Wildcard regions have not even left the groups until now. You can argue for a long time, they say, ANX was lucky and anyone could be in their … Read more

How far will you go for the one frame?

League of Legends game

GoodMorning community!! 1. This week came the update to version 3.9 great game League of Legends. It makes adjustments to the balance of the game, making it even more aggressive and exciting. Also governs several bugs. Interested parties can find a complete list of changes to the game’s official website link: Today is now … Read more

art video League of Legends

THQ will ditch the production of projects for children and focus on creating games for an adult audience. This was announced in a press release prepared by the company. At the same time, the publishing house will continue to distribute previously released children’s games. Brian Farrell, head of THQ, said the new strategy has already … Read more

Indie Game Bastion out on Steam

The company Riot Games, creators of League of Legends, updated the website for a new game mode – Dominion. Now players available interactive map mode – Crystal Scar, with which you can examine in detail all five points captured. As already announced earlier, in the Dominion players will battle for control of the five points, … Read more

League of Legends: the second season prize pool of $ 5 million.

on the history of the world Interview Guild Wars 2 is a whole and sylvari in particular with representatives of ArenaNet – designer Laura Sosbi Ree (Ree Soesbee) and character artist Kristen Perry (Kristen Perry). History sylvari Q: Could you tell us more about the nightmarish Court (Nightmare Court)? For example, how many sylvari have … Read more

LOL ESPORTS: how to use the best esport news for league of legends

Lol esports is the current BEST ever platform to watch and keep being updated about esports and pro players in LEAGUE OF LEGENDS. The site map is very simple and useful to navigate it: We have: Current live streaming; Schedules;; VODS; Rewards: only for the platform members: to check your own rewards received; News. Let’s … Read more

The ultimate guide to the biggest esports games


Did you realize that the overall crowd for biggest esports games is guade to contact 250 million individuals? The development of esports has been remarkable, with new games being dispatched each year. A few games, nonetheless, rule the scene and are more famous than the others. At the point when we talk about the greatest … Read more