Supplement Minecraft-style Mass Effect

Minecraft has received a new addition based on the Mass Effect universe, “Mass Effect Mash-Up”. Someone may say, “minecraft, but calm down already!”), Most likely this person will be a “scribe” who has already played enough of it in full, and is accustomed to his countless mods and variations on various topics. But this addition … Read more

Minecraft Stunning graphics with a new version of the mod Sonic Ether’s Shaders

It looks like Ubisoft is seriously engaged in the adaptation of their titles. At the moment they are working on the adaptation of Assassin’s Creed series simultaneously with adaptation of Splinter Cell and today it became known that the main role in the film will play Splinter Cell Tom Hardy. Many people know Tom for … Read more

Friday – slag [16+] # 22 [RedHead Power] | minecraft amazing builds

Minecraft is truly amazing game. Alarmed the international community, she could generate around itself so much, just my head is spinning: Recreating world’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ and social experiments, and much more. And now, please welcome the next, in a good way, madness – Fashion Crafting azeroth, carrying on the Minecraft engine … Read more

Minecraft celebrates 3rd birthday

Square Enix, publisher of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, is pushing for an extraordinary, I would even say unique, initiative to increase pre-orders for the game coming out in August. Customers who pre-order the game in the GameStop store automatically become participants in the lottery, the winner of which will receive a cybernetic hand as a … Read more

Minecraft creator froze the game, but fans want her alive

0x10c was once the next big deal from Mojang and Marcus “Notch” Persson, the creator of Minecraft. The game was a space sandbox adventure, but Persson shelved the project for a while in April, citing creativity difficulties, and then completely froze it this week. Earlier in a stream this week, Persson told listeners that he … Read more

Minecraft + Kinect: World Making

From the earliest text-based adventure games to the most recent shooters and RPGs, the Reverse Enginears team has created an excellent musical composition using sounds and music from PC games released over the past thirty-plus years. Reverse Enginears is a creative agency specializing in audio-video remixes. Their work has been used in advertising campaigns for … Read more