Overwatch VS Titanfall 2: The ultimate GAMES comparison

overwatch vs titanfall 2 the full comparison

The sequel to Overwatch vs Titanfall 2 by fellow The Winglet, “filmed” with Source Filmmaker. If you suddenly missed the first episode, and at the moment it has been watched more than 20 million times, the video is below: Comparing Overwatch vs Titanfall 2: the full comparison Very similar consumer sentiment Both Overwatch and Titanfall 2 have very … Read more

The ultimate guide for r/COD zombies mode


Introductory to Black Ops Cold War r/COD zombies Mode Since free access to the r/COD zombies mode is available in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War until January 21, I want to make some kind of “guide” for those who are just starting their progress in this game and / or the CoD zombie … Read more

In Battlelog source code found dinosaur little dinosaurs

Media reported that the portal code Battlelog found the word “dinosaur”, but rather the ID id. Of course, this could mean anything – from network battles with the giant reptiles and left up to deliberately for the purpose of trolling “Easter eggs.” Recall the history of jokes about dinosaurs Battlefield began with the 4chan website, … Read more

A real city scanner from Half-Life 2 flying objects

We’ve already seen many drones redesigned into various flying objects, including even the Millennium Falcon. However, all of them for the most part lack authenticity, after all, a quadcopter is not a starship for you. But this craft resembles the original almost one hundred percent, because its author recreated it using a drone … a … Read more

kingdom come: deliverance – fighting system Kingdom Come

Introduction and backgound Studio Warhorse has published a new video about the process of creating their medieval game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In this video, you will learn about the features of the game’s combat system, which the developers from the Warhorse studio are very proud of. In short, the goal of the team is the … Read more