April weekend # 01 LIVE – HotS squad in Battlefield 3 | gameplay

Deep Silver has announced a new game called Ride to Hell. As it became known Gamebomb.ru, the publisher is going to present one of the most brutal games of our time. “They say there is no more freedom than on an endless road, and no steeper guys than bikers”, – stated in the official description … Read more

Borderlands 2: How to enable split-screen on the PC version [UPD]

On the official forum Gearbox appeared an interesting topic about how to enable split-screen co-op in the PC version of Borderlands 2. User Sycdan created the theme, where a detailed description of how to enable split-screen mode. Now, if for any reason your friend does not have a copy of Borderlands 2, you can go … Read more

And Multiplayer MMO – all points on th | games

Not so long ago, NCSoft and Carbine announced a new MMORPG Wildstar. Demo games at PAX Prime revealed some interesting innovation in the MMO, such as fast paced combat and active avoidance system, through which you gain experience points for a successful evasion. However, the most promising aspect of Wildstar – is its basic principle: … Read more

Friday Libertine [16+] # 20 [Nordic Girls vs. Cowgirls] | Mass Effect Game

In anticipation of the release of the long-awaited part of the Mass Effect universe, the guys at Gameradar published an interesting article, which I happily tried to translate for you. Get hooked on “Mass Effect” Mass Effect is a multi-faceted game. There are many rule violations, extinct species, complex political motives, and cuttlefish-shaped ships. And … Read more