bo2 zombies challenges: the ultimate full list

bo2 zombies challenges

TranZit: Pack-a-Punch all guns How this challenge works? You basically have to pack as many guns as possible by taken them from the boxes over the map as you can see from the video and the screen below And once you got the gun, kill zombies until all the challenge is completed. Nuketown: Melee only … Read more

In-game screenshots Enderal | mods

Enderal is one of the most global mods, if not add-ons to Skyrim. It is important to understand that this game has nothing to do with the TES series, since apart from the engine, these two projects have little in common – the world and gameplay were created from scratch. The mod is being developed … Read more

Let’s Play Game of Thrones RPG Space Marines

Just now, Relic and THQ, as promised, revealed details about Space Marine’s multiplayer mode. There will be 2 factions in this mode: Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines. 2 game modes, 5 cards, 16 people maximum. The modes will be standard: Annihilation (normal deathmatch) and Seize the Ground (captured points give us victory points). More … Read more

Return of Formula 1 Modern Warfare 2

You all know the infamous incident in Norway, which is being trumpeted by all the media, and also about which Kane wrote. This is a very sad incident, but the gaming community needs to keep an eye out, because the first attacks on the gaming industry have already begun. Namely: the media said that Anders … Read more

Critical Strike Portable – For those who lack CS on mobile

Graveyard sounds like the name of the new Halloween DLC, but unfortunately is a virus for Xbox 360 owners who want to play Borderlands 2. “Graveyard” replaces the original save file with the infected file and after death, your character is not revived. The virus forces you to play in “Hardcore” mode, which means that … Read more

First details Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials — all details

A small camera mounted on Nortsaydskom Pier in New York, captured it, as one of the largest cities in the world is approaching the destructive power of nature in the form of a hurricane with a funny name – Sandy. This accelerated video also seized on the moment when the storm is so intensified that … Read more

Silent Hunter Online sign up for beta testing

Recognized by many publications as “a great project that no one has played”, Spellforce has found its fans. Harmoniously combining in itself not too deep RTS and RPG, it is remembered rather by an amazingly lively and well-developed world, rich in history and logically explaining most of the gaming conventions.From the first mission of Order … Read more

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Passage of campaign

The release of the next action movie from the Call of Duty series, codenamed Ghosts, has taken place. Infinity Ward has got into the habit of releasing every year on another battle with the same direction, which, in principle, cannot surprise with anything. What is true, in this case, the game still surprised me with … Read more

35GB Max Payne 3 Compared To Other “Heavy” Games

Activision has finally launched the official website of the shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. In addition to the fact that the release date has been officially confirmed – November 13 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, there is a small quote describing the setting of the game. If the previous installments of the … Read more

New screenshots and wallpapers The Last of Us | free images

As promised Brian Fargo during the campaign finance project Wasteland 2, he and his team of inXile studio will periodically release updates on the development process of the sequel to the old-school RPG. In the penultimate update Bryan told a little about the technical side of development – the game will be created on the … Read more