Friday-slag (16+) # 10 | patch bugs system

Today Bethesda released the long-awaited patch for the recent and acclaimed for its bugs Rage. in addition to the patches patch gives you access to the menu options and the graphics settings. As earlier reported, the game runs at minimum settings and is automatically selected by appropriate options without the possibility of change. This was … Read more

PSN is dead? O_o

News ahead of E3 2012, which kicks off on Monday 4th June, continues to bring new surprises. The studio Criterion also succeeded in this business, on behalf of which, the official Twitter of the Need For Speed ​​series of games published the following screenshot with the text attached to it: “OFFICIAL: The next Need for … Read more

Nostalgiya: Heroes of Might and Magic V

Ashes of Ariandel is the first add-on for Dark Souls 3, which, although it was released relatively recently, has already managed to bring players around the world a lot of bugs and problems. In this guide, we will try to describe the solution to most of them. Game not saving or Steam saves have disappeared? … Read more

Legend of Grimrock 2: Create puzzles

Creating interesting puzzles has always been a daunting task, but the creators of Legend of Grimrock succeeded, and so well that without them the game probably would not have turned out so great. Let’s see how things are with the puzzles in the second part. At the moment, the guys have 40 different ideas, many … Read more

Survarium: new screenshots

Today on the site studio Vostok Games, dedicated to the development of the game Survarium, which is an ideological continuation S.T.A.L.K.E.R. published new screenshots. They are fragments of ‘School’ location, the developers said that all the screenshots are made on the basis of an early version of the game and do not reflect the real … Read more

The other side of art: Tal Peleg

Art is the most extensive area that allows you to express yourself, show your vision to the world, and just find yourself. Even if you cannot draw, then you are still most likely to find something that will be close to you, that will reflect your soul and please the eye and heart. The usual … Read more

I’m not only human: ‘Theseus’

Thanks to Reddit users had found a way to start the game already at 18:00 Moscow time. It requires little dance with a tambourine, but if you have a desire to plunge into the Mass Effect Andromeda today, here’s what you need to do: Download VPN-client access to South Korean servers, for example it may … Read more

Rocksteady releases first patch for Batman Arkham Knight PC

Rocksteady is working with partners to address PC performance issues that players are experiencing. “Despite a lot of work, we have already made some progress to improve the performance of the game. It will all take some time to make sure we are working in the right direction.” June 28 patch fixes: Fixed a bug … Read more

Russian subtitles Dawnguard

Reddit user under the nickname ‘CheesieOnion’ published a picture, which shows the date of release of PC-version of the DLC The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dragonborn. According to the Dutch store, in fact, a source of information, the third expansion to visit PCs already on January 16. The data has not yet been … Read more

New patch for Battlefield 4 will go for certification at the end of January | community

Battlefield Bulletin from its own sources reports that the patch for Battlefield 4 will go for certification next week, which means that if the patch is successfully verified by Sony and Microsoft, users can expect the patch in February. David Söland pointed out that this patch will contain all changes from the Battlefield 4 CTE … Read more