Wie weit wirst du für den einen Frame gehen?

GoodMorning community!!

1. This week came the update to version 3.9 great game League of Legends. It makes adjustments to the balance of the game, making it even more aggressive and exciting. Also governs several bugs. Interested parties can find a complete list of changes to the game’s official website link: http://ru.leagueoflegends.com/news/obnovlenie-3-9-spisok-izmenenij.
2. Today is now available skin ‘spirits Udyr Guardian’. This is something exciting. Bbbrrr. I would not want to be faced with on the battlefield)). Anyone can download the free game client and a Russian self-assess this champion. Or even read a comic book about him)
3. Prior to August 28, held a contest of drawings on the League of Legends, so that everyone can take part in it. I understand that I- sloupok, but rather late than never. There is still time. Find out more information here: http://ru.leagueoflegends.com/news/leto-v-lige-konkurs-risunkov
Enjoy the game on Fields of Justice!

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