COVID-19 Gaming Quarantine

Good morning, ali day! As a gamer, quarantine has become a welcome excuse for my hobby. A few of my thoughts on COVID-19 quarantine and gaming. Often, such a need to curl up in a kennel and sit there until signal is given leads to blues and boredom. I’ve often heard that people who stay … Weiterlesen

Acer gaming laptops – inexpensive and very angry

Acer Incorporated is a multinational information technology and electronics corporation headquartered in Xizhi, New Taipei, Taiwan. The company was founded by Stan Shi Chen Jung and his friends in 1976 with an initial capital of $ 25,000. They named the company “Multitech International,” and started the company by developing handheld electronic games. In 1981, the … Weiterlesen

Player opinion. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – as a Phenomenon of Contemporary Art

“Mom, how do you feel when wings grow after death? – First, the back bends, gets stronger, is imbued with power. Then it becomes heavier – as if a mountain is on your shoulders. Ribs and spine crunch, crack to the bone. Then the back straightens with a jerk, capable of withstanding everything, everything! And … Weiterlesen