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If you do not live in a cave under a large rock, you probably at least vaguely heard of Pixar’s Theory, which was a major topic of discussion last week. Read it can be on the second page – below. The essence of the theory is that it brings together all the Pixar animated films in a single universe, a picture representing the action taking place in different time intervals. The theory was developed by blogger John Negroni, and possibly anthropomorphic desk lamp, which only speaks to John.
The theory is really charming how beautiful works of Pixar builds in the chain, linking events and opening up a new level of understanding of what the deeper background of each individual film. It all starts with Brave moving forward to WALL-E dystopia. Thinking about all this layering funny, but we deserve to know the truth.
Jason Torchinskiy of publication jalopnik pressed one of the developers of Cars the movie – Jay Ward, and asked if the theory is real.
Unfortunately, he did not answer the question directly, and Pixar PR-team is prohibited to use a video interview for the material. What is interesting, but as Jason points out that Ward laughed when asked.
Jason: Have you heard about this theory of Pixar?
Ward: Yes.
D: What do you think about her?
Y: I think that someone has had a lot of free time. You could do something more useful …
D: So you deny that there is a common thread in the films –
In: All this looks like a conspiracy theory of 9/11 … no, seriously! No, the films were created in a different order and with different directors at different times, in different places. Cool to think that all turned out this way, but most likely it was not the intention.
D: You do realize that all will accept this as proof.
Y: Yeah!
A: The fact that you deny it, it means only that the little girl from Monsters, Inc. – a witch, which marked the beginning of all this –
Y: It’s a brilliant plan of Steve Jobs. And all for the sake of sales of the iPhone 6.
Do you think this is true? I do not know what will you do, but now I would have to review all the films Pixar!
[Via Jalopnik]

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