First details Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials — all details

A small camera mounted on Nortsaydskom Pier in New York, captured it, as one of the largest cities in the world is approaching the destructive power of nature in the form of a hurricane with a funny name – Sandy.

This accelerated video also seized on the moment when the storm is so intensified that flooded lower Manhattan, simultaneously disabling one of the substations, knocking out electricity for hundreds of thousands of residents.

And lastly, a real case: Halloween.

Children go from house to house and collect candy. A call to the door, opened the door and saw in front of a boy of 11 years who tried to dress up in some sort of costume, but it turned out as something not very much.

  • – I’m sorry, buddy, no suit – no candy.
  • * Sigh * (boy picked up a bucket of sand and began to scatter it around, making noise).
  • – I – Hurricane Sandy.
  • – Touchet, dude carcass.
  • * Sends candies *

P.S. Sandy – sand.

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