E3 2012: Rumors that will remain rumors | game leaks

If you are still playing Borderlands 2 then this news is for you. On the site dedicated to this game, a skill tree for the new Mechromancer class has appeared.
From the skills presented, we can conclude that the new class will be focused mainly on reducing the damage inflicted on you and your allies and on restoring shields. However, hardcore players who prefer to be in the thick of things will find many interesting skills in the “Ordered Chaos” tree.
The Mechromancer DLC launches October 16 for $ 10 or 800 Microsoft Points. This add-on will be free if you pre-ordered the game.
UPD: The President of Gearbox Software just announced via Twitter that the new DLC will be available for download today:
“Surprise, Mechromancer for Borderlands 2 is ready a week earlier than I promised. It will be released on October 9th on all platforms. Wow!”
UPD 2: The President of Gearbox Software posted another tweet saying the DLC will be available for download at the end of the day.

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