Call of Duty : Ghosts – Passage de campagne

The release of the next action movie from the Call of Duty series, codenamed Ghosts, has taken place. Infinity Ward has got into the habit of releasing every year on another battle with the same direction, which, in principle, cannot surprise with anything. What is true, in this case, the game still surprised me with its impressive volume and minimal requirements. The engine has remained the same, albeit it has undergone some improvements, and the developers have achieved a high-quality picture thanks to very large textures.
The game has already been appreciated by many publications and critics, not in the best way, as is already customary for the games of the CoD series, but this does not mean that the game came out bad. In general, after the hot impressions of BF4, let’s go through the single-player campaign of Call of Duty: Ghosts, look at a new level of quality in a modern multi-platform blockbuster and find out how the owner feeds the dog.
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