Retromania # 17 : Tellement bien, qu'autant gêné

Another post that has subektivschiny and all-consuming love for authentic eighties already in place. I will not beat around the bush and instead go directly to the case. Honey for the ears and boleutalyayuschee for all the suffering, for whatever reasons. And even more so without them.
Drinking and lighting. Remembering frisky pokutashki kauntachevyh on sports cars and desperate postrelushki of Bren Tenova. In the eighties themselves so rarely played so that you literally fell on the floor and we fall from the height of the seventh floor right up to the basement, where he continued Clushaem, twitch, to appreciate. Or just freeze for a moment and then begin to steadily plods. At the same time, and it is on these songs knowing that it is better than in the eighties, with the music no one ever goes.
Without excesses, but with a clear head – it’s magic. Then how not to paint, and you will understand only after prochuvstvuesh. Oh, oh … Over my head. Oh, oh … and fly!

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