Super Why Characters For Kids

Super Why Characters For Kids

super why characters

Almost all children love to watch cartoons. They also love to learn about their favorite characters. Some of the most popular cartoons include The Littlest Pig, Alpha Pig, Red, Princess Pea and Woofter. They are all very cute and are loved by children across the world.

The Littlest Pig/Alpha Pig

Often referred to as “Little Pig”, the youngest of the three sons of the original Three Pigs, Littlest Pig is the central protagonist of Super Why!. This interactive reading adventure series for kids focuses on vocabulary and spelling.

Littlest Pig is a boy who loves to build things and is often a target of bullying. He often dresses up as a construction pig, like his father. He also often plays with his brothers. However, he has trouble understanding his father’s warning to slow down.

Littlest Pig normally wears a yellow t-shirt and blue jean overalls. He also wears a toolkit belt and a hard hat. When he plays with his brothers, he tries to act as a construction worker. But, he doesn’t know how to stop knocking over towers.

In Season 2, Littlest Pig’s nose is more developed. He also wears safety goggles when he’s on an adventure. He also has a toolbox that contains a Mega Magnifying Glass and a Fabulous Flashlight.

Princess Pea

Originally from the fairytale “The Princess and the Pea,” Princess Pea is the daughter of the original Princess. Princess Pea is a feisty, friendly and brisk young lady with long black curly hair. She wears a purple dress with light blue lining.

She also sports metallic pink butterfly wings and a matching butterfly eye mask. Princess Pea wears slip on pink swim shoes. She also wears a normal necklace.

She also wears a red-violet/purple multi-gradient gown. She also wears a small beaded necklace with a light blue gem.

The Princess Pea is a Super Reader on Super Why! She and Red are friends, and they have bonded over a shared love of skateboarding. They have also teamed up to compete in races. They also have helped each other out. It is also safe to say that Princess Pea is a fun and imaginative child.

The Princess Pea is a great Super Why character for any kid. She is a friendly young lady who is eager to try new things. She is also very polite. She often mentions her love for sports and her favorite activities.


Despite the fact that the “Super Why” characters are all red, they are not all male. In fact, Red is the only main character with no known parents.

Red is a rhyming superhero, and she does have a super-power. She is capable of transforming items into things. Her second color is actually purple. She also has an alter-ego called Wonder Red.

Red is a friendly character, but she can be a little childish at times. For instance, she misunderstands Grandma’s request for a piece of paper. She also finds out that Grandma is being rude when she refuses to let her into the kitchen.

Red is very enthusiastic about many things. She also has a pet dog named Woofster. Woofster is also able to speak while on her adventures. She also has a super-reading skill. She is also a member of the Super Readers team.

Red’s main goal in life is to make others happy. She also cares very much about her grandmother. She likes to help her, and she is also very good at eating her grandma’s snacks.


Probably the most popular children’s book, Super Why, also features Woofter, a cute, dog-like puppy. He was first seen in Season 2’s “Woofster Finds a Home” episode. Although he is not a dog, Woofter has the same superpower as the other Super Whys. This power allows him to find words in the dictionary and help others. He also makes barking sounds.

The Super Why series, which promotes reading skills, involves characters who come into the book, solve problems, and create a happy ending. The Super Readers’ team, which includes Alpha Pig, Wonder Red, Princess Presto, and Whyatt Beanstalk, must work together to help the characters of the storybook village overcome their problems.

The Super Readers’ team is a group of children who are avid readers. They meet at a book club and select a storybook to solve problems. In each episode, the Super Readers face a problem and have to use their skills to solve it. In addition, they must learn about great storybooks.