Friday – slag [16+] # 22 [RedHead Power] | minecraft amazing builds

Minecraft is truly amazing game. Alarmed the international community, she could generate around itself so much, just my head is spinning: Recreating world’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ and social experiments, and much more. And now, please welcome the next, in a good way, madness – Fashion Crafting azeroth, carrying on the Minecraft engine vast world of one of the most popular gaming universes: the world of Warcraft.
Do not think that all you see is the work of one or even a group of people for months pecking the ground and building of her favorite open spaces. It’s much easier: the creator of fashion under the name Rumsey wrote a clever program of distilled resources World of Warcraft in cubic beauty of Minecraft.
But despite this impressive work performed, play WoW will feel the wildest bout of deja vu, as sharp as if you pricked acute angle which the square. You just take a look at these scales: Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms in full, and all this is subject to your pick.
Experience what is it, wander through the Cubo-Azeroth can anyone downloading the file size of 2.17 GB (Unpacking requires 24 GB) and install it on your copy of Minecraft. Just needed for proper functioning Bukkit server.
For more information, as well as to communicate with the developers, you can use them is official blog, and if they do not, then go ahead – maynkrayftit! Or still of Warcraft?

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