In Battlelog source code found dinosaur little dinosaurs

Media reported that the portal code Battlelog found the word “dinosaur”, but rather the ID id. Of course, this could mean anything – from network battles with the giant reptiles and left up to deliberately for the purpose of trolling “Easter eggs.”

Recall the history of jokes about dinosaurs Battlefield began with the 4chan website, where a representative of PR-department Activision once asked the players about their opinion published at the time of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

One of the respondents said that in the game a little dinosaurs, and the rest users picked up the idea, arguing that the dinosaurs – is a crucial factor in any self-respecting shooter.

Thus the story has become a kind of meme, which eventually picked up by developers of Battlefield. For example, in Battlefield 3 there are several dinosaurs, in the form of toys, figurines and eggs hidden in different parts of the maps for online play.

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