In-game screenshots Enderal | mods

Enderal is one of the most global mods, if not add-ons to Skyrim.

It is important to understand that this game has nothing to do with the TES series, since apart from the engine, these two projects have little in common – the world and gameplay were created from scratch.

The mod is being developed by SureAI, which in the past has already released games in the Enderal universe (Myar Aranath, Arktwend and Nehrim).

There is no official release date yet, but it is unlikely that a team with such rich experience will just abandon their project.

As for the new screenshots, SureAI posted them on their Twitter page. It does not seem that the developers tried very hard with creating beautiful angles and adding post-effects, so we ourselves will be able to see approximately such pictures in the game.

The quality of the screenshots is rather mediocre (1024×576), but this is the maximum we could get from Twitter.

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