A new attempt to bring players back to WoW Lair of the Shadow Broker

We can assume that on March 6 on Tuesday, with the release of Mass Effect 3, you will have to abandon the games you are playing at the moment, even if you have not completed them, and put them on the shelf.

Most of you have completed Mass Effect 2 and the side missions Arrival, Lair of the Shadow Broker, Overlord, and Kasumi – Stolen Memory.

Some have held back from playing the DLC until recently to use them now to bring the story to life, and restore lost saves for import.

Those who want to remember what the first and second parts are and take a look at the third can join the 24-hour Mass Effect marathon, starting in 4 hours.

Well, on the weekend I finished off Syndicat, an excellent cyberpunk, when I have time to dabble in co-op, I can say I’m ready to meet with Mass Effect 3.

What are you playing now, and will you put this game aside?

Or are you in a gaming coma, and are building up your strength for Mass Effect 3?

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