Let’s Play Game of Thrones RPG Space Marines

Just now, Relic and THQ, as promised, revealed details about Space Marine’s multiplayer mode.

There will be 2 factions in this mode: Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines. 2 game modes, 5 cards, 16 people maximum.

The modes will be standard: Annihilation (normal deathmatch) and Seize the Ground (captured points give us victory points). More maps will be available after release as DLCs.

There will be 3 classes in multiplayer: Tactical Marine – everyone starts with it and pumps up to 41 lvl. Then the Devastator (heavy weapon) and Assault (melee) open. Each level will give us new armor, weapons, colors and perks (like Bulletstorm). Relic promises over 1.8 billion character variations.

All colors and elements will be based on Citadel licensed schemes.

The game is scheduled for release on September 8, 2011.

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