Minecraft + DayZ = 7 Days To Die

Have you ever thought about what might get when you cross DayZ and Minecraft? Indie developers The Fun Pimps thinking and that’s what they did. Draft 7 Days To Die developed as open world game on ‘voxel’ basis, it is remarkable mixture of elements from genres Shooter, Survival horror, RPG and Tower Defense.
7 Days To Die is under Pre-Alpha, alpha test is planned for July, a full release is scheduled for autumn this year. The game is already available for pre-order on the official website of the company http://7daystodie.com/.
List of notable features:
Modern, fully destructible, fully built up, and a huge dynamic world filled with towns, forests, deserts, farms and mountains.
A special stabilization system blocks ‘Dynamic Block Stability Physics System,’ simuliruyuschuaya structural interactions in real time, i.e., building something wrong, you can see how it is crumbling before our eyes.
Endless enemies Mutant will crawl, jump and run, nothing can stop them, because they will try by all means to kill you. Plus special strengths are mutants who should beware.
Dig and collect numerous items and ingredients in order to survive. Hundreds of weapons, items, traps and deep crafting system is similar to the typical adventure game, but without any problems, to climb on ‘wiki’ is not necessary.
Learn the truth from the notes of the survivors, find out where they are hiding place and look for valuable equipment. This part of the system ‘Dynamic Story Generation System’ (dynamic scene generation), which will pay attention to the current problems in the world and lead you on missions, as happens in most other games voxel.
Will single player mode, cooperative mode and a unique ‘Zombie Nomad Mode’ without any rules.
experience the system and improve the skills of close combat, weapons possession, craft and stealth.
Building your own worlds and play them with a tool ‘Creative Mode Tools’, includes hundreds of shapes of blocks and parts.

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