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It looks like Ubisoft is seriously engaged in the adaptation of their titles. At the moment they are working on the adaptation of Assassin’s Creed series simultaneously with adaptation of Splinter Cell and today it became known that the main role in the film will play Splinter Cell Tom Hardy.
Many people know Tom for his role in the latest film about Batman, where he played the main villain. It seems that in the upcoming film, he will take the role of a good guy whom in some way is Sam Fisher.
At this point it is not known what the studio will be responsible for filming, but it seems negotiated with such studios like Warner Bros. and Paramount. It is also known that the script is responsible for Eric Warren Singer (Eric Warren Singer), he wrote the screenplay of the film The International.
It is also CEO of Ubisoft Motion Pictures, said that:
“Tom Hardy is currently one of the most talented actors in the film. He is able to take on complex and varied roles and play them perfectly. His participation in the film, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell should be a good sign for the fans, because it is good when a great actor starred in the film of interest to you. Meanwhile, Eric is a very talented writer and we are confident that it will create a fascinating history, while keeping all the features and notable moments of the franchise that are so important for the fans’

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