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As promised Brian Fargo during the campaign finance project Wasteland 2, he and his team of inXile studio will periodically release updates on the development process of the sequel to the old-school RPG.
In the penultimate update Bryan told a little about the technical side of development – the game will be created on the Unity engine, capable of with the right approach to show a very nice picture (of course not Crysis 3 level, but then it is not needed).
But tonight there was another update, the seventeenth in a row, which describes that the development process is already underway and they are pleased to present one of the first works of the artist – box art Wasteland 2. But this is just a picture, in addition to that was published Vision Document – ten-page document describing the various game elements: setting, plot, genre, and other interface. Very interesting reading, especially if you want to become a developer or designer games.
Box art below, Vision Document can be found at this link on the Google Docs.

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