Return of Formula 1 Modern Warfare 2

You all know the infamous incident in Norway, which is being trumpeted by all the media, and also about which Kane wrote.

This is a very sad incident, but the gaming community needs to keep an eye out, because the first attacks on the gaming industry have already begun.

Namely: the media said that Anders Behring Breivik was preparing for this crime, playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 all day long.

I admit it was a terrible incident, but blaming the games for everything is stupid. If I play shooters all day, I still won’t be able to use real weapons and shoot accurately.

And blaming games for everything is stupid. It would be better to check where he got the weapon from, or where he learned to shoot like that.

By the way, in addition to Call of Duty, the media tried to weave WoW as well, but they deduced that Anders Behring Breivik said everything that plays WoW “for cover”.

Although he has a level 85 character.

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