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Have you ever thought about big numbers? Really large numbers. Numbers with many, many zeros. For example, have you tried to imagine a few million more people living in your city? The billions of atoms that make up your fountain pen? About quadrillions of floating point operations, which are calculated at this moment by the computers of the planet? Of course we did.
The guys from the popular resource asked a similar question, where I, in fact, came across the material results of the calculation. So, the question is – what happens on the Internet in 60 seconds?
The picture is more eloquent than any words, but I still will not be too lazy to comment on all the signatures.
In 60 seconds on the web:
Over 13,000 hours of streaming music in social media is listened to. music-oriented networks Pandora
Over 12,000 new ads posted on craigslist
Voice calls with a total duration of over 370,000 minutes are made in Skype
320+ new users and over 98,000 tweets appear on twitter
In social networks for prof. LinkedIn communications about 100 new users register
On Yahoo! AssociatedContent 1 article published
Over 6,600 images are uploaded to flickr
Over 50 copies of CMS WordPress are downloaded, as well as 125+ WP plugin downloads
More than 695,000 status updates, about 79,364 posts on the walls and 510,040 comments meet the world on facebook
1,700+ Firefox downloads
694 445 searches in It
168 000 000 e-mails are sent
More than 60 blog posts appear on various services, as well as stand-alone blogs. 1,500+ new entries are born in existing blogs
70+ domains are being registered
More than 600 videos are uploaded to youtube with a total duration of about 25 hours
Over 140 questions are asked on the two most popular services for this – Yahoo! Answers and
More than 13,000 apps are downloaded from Apple Appstore
20,000 new posts on tumblr
One definition is added to the urban dictionary
Over 1,600 views on scribd
Unfortunately, I could not find any information on registrations on and, the number of listened tracks on them. About the number of bids on the auction. About the number of sent messages in the still popular ICQ, etc. etc. etc.
But, in general, the information provided is quite enough to get an idea of ​​what is happening on the Web in a minute while you went for tea. Impressive?

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