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Recognized by many publications as “a great project that no one has played”, Spellforce has found its fans. Harmoniously combining in itself not too deep RTS and RPG, it is remembered rather by an amazingly lively and well-developed world, rich in history and logically explaining most of the gaming conventions.
From the first mission of Order of Dawn to the final of Shadow of Phoenix, through the eyes of the rune warriors, the player constantly learns the structure of the surrounding world, the features and even the life of six different races (which will be his striking force where it is impossible to cope with ingenuity or the efforts of the “hero special forces” and participates in the эпический events of the “quirky” plot.
Spellforce is impossible to play fast: huge maps, long production of armies and the general slowness of what is happening can be a serious test for rush fans – by accepting this, you can get acquainted with a really worthy Game.

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