Star Citizen – developers report for February 2017 | multiplayer simulation games

Multiplayer simulator Mordhau medieval battles of Mordhau Team studio has been in development for several years. The process takes so long because the team working on the game only in their spare time – on pure enthusiasm. Now they have decided to devote themselves to long-term construction completely and started to play on Kickstarter. Through kraudfandingovuyu site project team plans to collect at least 80 thousand dollars to as early as August Mordhau it entered alpha test stage.
Mordhau is a network simulator battles with a first face where the battlefield may simultaneously contain up to 64 players. Created a game on the Unreal Engine 4, and its main gameplay chips called siege weapons and horse riding. Fighting game system is based on a procedural animation, not scripts, fights take place in real-time mode, giving the player the ability to control the direction of the last of their attacks and defensive actions.
Mordhau full release scheduled for March 2018.

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