Supplement Minecraft-style Mass Effect

Minecraft has received a new addition based on the Mass Effect universe, “Mass Effect Mash-Up”. Someone may say, “minecraft, but calm down already!”), Most likely this person will be a “scribe” who has already played enough of it in full, and is accustomed to his countless mods and variations on various topics. But this addition is not intended for them, but Minecraft Xbox Edition owners who are less spoiled in this regard.
The add-on was released on September 4th and is being sold on Xbox Live for 320 Microsoft Points, $ 3.99. It includes: themed context of the Mass Effect theme, 36 new skins for the characters, themed menu, a world with a space base on Mars based on the Priority: Mars mission from Mass Effect 3, and a soundtrack consisting of 22 songs from the game of the same name. Also from the possibilities it is stated that it will be possible to recreate familiar ships, including the Normandy.
Also at the E3 2013 exhibition, the Xbox One version of the game was announced, and later on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita
P.S new interior “den”, just awful!

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