Star Citizen – developers report for February 2017 | multiplayer simulation games

Multiplayer simulator Mordhau medieval battles of Mordhau Team studio has been in development for several years. The process takes so long because the team working on the game only in their spare time – on pure enthusiasm. Now they have decided to devote themselves to long-term construction completely and started to play on Kickstarter. Through … Read more

CollegeHumor: Walking and drug addicts – is there a difference

What happens if Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, the protagonists of the already cult drama Breaking Bad, have to finish cooking the meta, because everyone around them has become brainless zombies, just like in another AMC project, which is playing on the nerves of the audience. dead “? Why would they call Saul? Who will … Read more

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Passage of campaign

The release of the next action movie from the Call of Duty series, codenamed Ghosts, has taken place. Infinity Ward has got into the habit of releasing every year on another battle with the same direction, which, in principle, cannot surprise with anything. What is true, in this case, the game still surprised me with … Read more

Retromania # 17: So good, that as much embarrassed

Another post that has subektivschiny and all-consuming love for authentic eighties already in place. I will not beat around the bush and instead go directly to the case. Honey for the ears and boleutalyayuschee for all the suffering, for whatever reasons. And even more so without them. Drinking and lighting. Remembering frisky pokutashki kauntachevyh on … Read more

Watch dogs from the ‘What’s New’ in the PS4. Russian subtitles.

Old stuff, and I’m a blind man, forgive me. Hello everyone! This video was downloaded from “What`s new” on PS4. Since the magic of the “Share” button does not work in this menu, I had to write down with improvised means. To be more precise, on nexus 4, in full-hd, but the quality of the … Read more

A new book about the Witcher this November

At the moment, there are seven full-fledged books about the Witcher and the Fantlab portal reports that the new book will appear this November. “From personal correspondence. Andrzej Sapkowski finished a new novel, now he is coordinating the proof with the editor. According to preliminary data, the book will go to the shelves of Polish … Read more