Dishonored: How to Fix “Corrupt Game Files” Error

Just over a year ago, Cohen wrote about the Wayside Creations, which began filming the Fallout web series Fallout: Nuka Break. About half a year after the release of the trailer, in August 2011, the first episode of the first season appeared on the network, which was supposed to consist of six episodes. So, month … Read more

Dead adventure: Vaultcry vs. The War Z. Day Three – Dead herringbone

Iranian Raspina game studio released the first official trailer for their upcoming FPS project, Extraterrestrial Armies. ET Armies is a first-person shooter in the atmosphere of the unique world of fantasy, which is designed to show the Persian historical themes. The main story in ET Armies tells the story of a future war between humans … Read more

Superman was awarded the Joseph Stalin for the fight against the machinations of the capitalists

Who needs these traditional portraits! Especially if you can get a miniature figure of yourself, it’s much cooler !? And these are the figures will soon be able to get the people of Japan … but where else. While it is clear that they will not replace traditional photography, it is much Bole original … … Read more

Anime Expo 2014: Sword Art Online and the Oculus Rift

Not so long ago, the deadly anime Sword Art Online, which swept on the popularity of the themes of locked cells and online games with the possibility of dying in real life, has already received its adaptations on portable consoles twice, and then only in the form of single-player and cooperative projects. But those who … Read more

Mass Effect 3 – Getting Ready for Weekend Quest N7 “Privateer”

Guerilla Games has announced the first plot details of the recently announced Killzone: Shadow Fall. The video, which was shown at PSM, showed that we will face a completely new world, new situations with which we have to face, and of course a new protagonist. The game takes place in the near future, 30 years … Read more

Pre-order The Witcher 2 and Premium Edition | Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima has confirmed that the newly created division of Kojima Productions, based in Los Angeles, is currently engaged in the development of a new Metal Gear Online. Here is what is said in the official announcement: ‘MGO gained fame in Japan, but there’s this game was not as popular as in America and Europe. … Read more