Total War: Rome 2 – Beta patch 3 is available now!

Friends, the new patch is already available for download and has a lot of useful changes. Unfortunately, I could not find the name of the author of the translation. To download, you need to subscribe to the Beta patch in the game properties on Steam, if the download does not start, try restarting Steam. Thanks … Read more

Everybody stand up! The Court of Owls is coming! | Batman

The Court of Owls is a secret criminal organization that has existed for centuries, controlling Gotham. She has tremendous power and influence, bringing together some of the oldest and richest families in the city. This organization first appeared on the pages of a comic book titled Batman Volume 2, which was created by Snyder Scott, … Read more

Total War: Rome 2 – Details of Patch No. 5.

We continue to publish the lists of changes in patches for Total War: Rome 2. The patch has just appeared, so it is difficult to say whether it introduced new problems, as it happened with every previous one. A new faction, the Seleucids, has also become available for play! Thanks to the user of the … Read more