Watch dogs from the ‘What’s New’ in the PS4. Russian subtitles.

Old stuff, and I’m a blind man, forgive me.
Hello everyone!
This video was downloaded from “What`s new” on PS4. Since the magic of the “Share” button does not work in this menu, I had to write down with improvised means. To be more precise, on nexus 4, in full-hd, but the quality of the nexus is initially not very good, so I apologize right away.
And therefore, it is better not to watch those who are especially picky about the quality of the video. After “N” rewriting times, I chose the best one and downloaded it. Unfortunately, I could not solve the not quite perfect match of the screen / camera and constant changes in brightness. The Nexus camera is stronger than me.
Also, I want to warn you about spoilers. In particular, the beginning and the outset, as well as several new square faces in the game. And I repeat once again, there are Russian subtitles. You can even read them.
Actually, here it is. Of course, please, his “finishers”.
Thank you all for your attention!

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